Wealth is defined as an abundance of money or valuable things. We see wealth as a necessity in today’s world.

To Affect Change And Empower Oneself

An individual needs economic power – this is undeniable. Our investments, assets, and social capital determine where we end up in life and whether we can find a way out of difficult times. Our wealth-focussed interventions consider this as many of the founders of 3T are disenfranchised in some form. We know how difficult it can be to enter the world of investing or capital. We aim to bridge the gap between communities and financial institutions by empowering them to use the internet and free resources effectively, by delivering financial capability programmes, and by creating content that educates and inspires.


Our Goals In Wealth Are To:

Using The Three Pillars Of Life To Empower

Our aim is to empower disenfranchised people and communities to empower themselves through our ‘train the trainer’ model and evidence-based consultancy services.

We help you grow your business
from inception to lift-off.

Current Projects

Financial capability programme delivered in prisons as part of Penal Reform Solutions’ (PRS) Growth Project.

Financial capability programme delivered within schools, communities, and organisations.

Entrepreneurship and Investor programme, now being delivered to its first cohort. Evidence based interventions have been employed and will be further developed through research to tailor these to the individuals.

Releasing TikTok videos related to finance from the 3TCollective.

A WhatsApp based platform facilitating a dialogue around financial literacy and investment theory, currently with 40 contributors

future Projects

Development of social media channels to disseminate financial literacy and personal finance information.

Further research into the impact of these programmes on the individuals and their communities.


Wealth Model