Sobanan Narenthiran

Full Profile

Although Sobanan’s academic background is in Medical Biochemistry and the Natural Sciences his life experience has added a facet to his arsenal. Where he’s on a mission to empower disenfranchised people providing them with the human, social and financial capital for themselves and within their communities. Enriching the lives of the stakeholders and the organisations that he interacts with.

At 3T he manages and coordinates the day-to-day running of the business. His long-term mindset and tenacious attitude allow him to project long term strategy for the organisation and many other projects.
On route to graduate from an Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Middlesex University and founder of our Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Financial Literacy programme. His academic prowess and real understanding of people make him best suited to handle stakeholder communication, mobilising, coordinating and motivating internal and external teams. The real glue to our organisation.