Financial literacy Programme Content

Within Prison


The programme is to be delivered at 3 different levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold

The idea is that bronze provides participants with an introductory experience to financial capability to stimulate curiosity within the subject area while emphasising its relevance to their own individual situation.

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Level 1-2


3 – hour session. Total 6 hours

Length of course

One day



Level 2-4


3 – hour session. Total 12 hours

Length of course

Two day



Level 3-10


3 – hour session. Total 30 hours

Length of course

Two week

Intended Impact and Outcomes

Within the Community

Where it can be taught?


3T provides the specialist training required to facilitate this Programme. It is a licensed Programme and is owned by 3T. It is following a Train the Trainer format and adheres to the Training for Influence Methodology.
The following will be provided; coaching and guidance during the implementation of this programme along with quality Assurance processes, in order to maintain Programme Integrity. This Programme will be updated during the course of its implementation and organisations who buy the license to practice this programme will be provided with updates and impact reports, making this a fluid programme that develops as new knowledge is made available regarding financial capability among men and women in silo and ex-offenders, and its implications on reducing recidivism and increasing rehabilitation, as well as promoting growth and creating a rehabilitative culture within education for individuals reintegrating into society.

What people say about the programme

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