Health is known as the state of being free from illness or disease. This state is one that all humans desire, yet it is a state over which we have little control.

Is Massively Determined By Our Environment, Our Relationships, And Our Lifestyles.

These influences determine our propensity to develop chronic disease like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. Health literacy is a real issue. Many have no idea how to measure their wellbeing or their overall health, nor do they have the knowledge to research their own conditions. This leads to a paternalistic and authoritarian relationship with healthcare in which an individual can feel like their health is outside their control.



Empower Individuals To Take Responsibility For Their Health Outcomes,


Educate Individuals On How To Research And Manage Their Chronic Conditions,


Create Platforms For Open And Honest Discussion Among Disenfranchised Groups, And


Provide Secondary Healthcare Services And Healthcare Information Using Digital Marketing And A ‘Train The Trainer’ Model.

Using The Three Pillars Of Life To Empower

Our aim is to empower disenfranchised people and communities to empower themselves through our ‘train the trainer’ model and evidence-based consultancy services.

We help you grow your business
from inception to lift-off.

Current Projects

Instagram @DearTamilGirls – An Instagram page dedicated to discussing mental health and emotional issues which are endemic to women from the south Asian Tamil community who are found throughout the world This project has received tremendous feedback. Individuals have reached out for help, offered their appreciation, and engaged with the platform.


future Projects

An Instagram page discussing male mental health issues which has recently presented itself as a pertinent issue across the world.

Development of a prison medicine course for delivery to medical students, General Practitioners, and other doctors as part of their continued professional development.

Creation of community gardens and orchards to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed by local communities. The results of these projects will be documented and shared with local government and private organisations.


Health Model